You can Do-It-Yourself

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Here's another one that's totally Free.

The Evolution of Apps

It works in conjunction with appVOLV, the Evolution of Apps.

You can set this up with the little QR codes you saw in the video or you can set it up to run on Auto-Pilot with our appSAVE® system.

No, you can do this on your own. We'll show you how to set things up, get your own free QR Code, and all you'll need is our appVOLV system and Google AMP, both free. All it will cost you is your domain name and simple $3/mo. hosting.

ScanOfTheDay™ is a way you can do it all on your own. GooPON™ is a coupon system where we list all the coupons in a given area. Both can be set to run on Auto-Pilot with our appSAVE® system.

Because appSAVE® adds a totally automatic feature. You can stay free and simply use your GooMAPS free listing to have folks see your business, and then distribute your QR Code system manually for FREE all on your own, or have it through appSAVE® on auto-pilot so folks see everything when they get close, and they can "PIN" your link right to their phone to see it anytime.

First, you won't find a system like this anywhere for FREE.
Second, no other system can tie into appSAVE® for our Location Based Marketing system.
Third, no other system has our unlimited flexibility or power with the ability to set everything up to run with A.I. Technology on Auto-Pilot.

You have probably already realized that everyone in or near your location is constantly on their Smart Phone. They are engaging someone, just Not You.
Here is a link that could very well be the single most important link you have seen regarding your business.

ScanOfTheDay is totally free. If you take an appSAVE® subscription it's month to month and you can quit anytime.

Free system that will bring you More Customers.

Whether you need ads, coupons or announcements, and pretty much anything in between, we have the answers.

The beauty of using appSAVE is your coupons are delivered with Surgical Precision directly to the folks that are near right now, something they LOVE because the ads aren't blasted out in a shotgun approach.

  • An Exclusive system that no competitor will show you. 
  • Works with Beacons, GeoFencing, Wi-Fi, QR Codes, UWB, Banners, etc.
  • Works on Any Device. 
  • You have all the control and we show you how to log in and change your coupons, announcements, ads, etc. in Real Time.
  • Not limited to a single coupon or link. Because you interface with the Google AMP platform, you can send out anything you want, multiple coupons, multiple programs or announcements, etc.
  • A Push Button Marketing System unlike anything you have seen. 

We have also seamlessly incorporated another system that works behind the scenes and this video helps explain.

Whether you are using appSAVE® for the automated delivery system or your own designs with Google AMP from appVOLV, you have all the power and and total control over what you need.


See the How-To above

We show you how to get your own domain name, how to host it and what to do next.

Using our appVOLV system, this part is easy...and Free.

Some simple steps you must take to get everything live. This is one of the main parts the Webmasters keep from you.