Simply a Better Way to Showcase your Business.

Watch the Movie.

The first few businesses into any area of our State(SAVE) sites get grandfathered into this system for FREE.

It's the difference between Forcing information on prospects with web crawlers and pop-up ads, something they will Always find a way to block, or Giving them what they want, where they want it.

We are talking about Involuntary Blasting vs.
Voluntary Acceptance and Engagement.

When you give them what they want, when and where they want it, you have an engaged customer. But when you try to force it on them with all sorts of tricked up systems like banner ads, poup-ups and gimmicks to get them to click, they will ALWAYS find a way to block you.

Time for a change.

The Evolution of Apps

It works in conjunction with appEVOLV, the Evolution of Apps.

You can set this up with the little QR codes you saw in the video or you can set it up to run on Auto-Pilot with our appSAVE® system coming soon.

WILL bring you More Customers.

Whether you need ads, coupons or announcements, and pretty much anything in between, we have the answers.

The beauty of using ScanOfTheDay™ or QRgo™ is the unlimited flexibility. Everything is delivered IMMEDIATELY to the customer with Surgical Precision. They love it because the ads aren't blasted out in a shotgun approach. They get what then want, when they want.

  • An Exclusive system that no competitor will show you. 
  • Works on Any Connected Device that can read QR Codes.
  • Not limited to the number of engagements like other systems. Because we use the latest Google Cloud technology, you could even be in a stadium with 10,000 hits at problem.
  • A Push Button Marketing System unlike anything you have seen. 

No app download is required.
Folks simply will not download an app without some sort of incentive and even then, they merely uninstall after they collect the incentive.

* You won't find a system like this anywhere.
* No other system can tie into Any Smartphone with no download.
* No other system has our unlimited flexibility or power.
* No other system has the instant Translation feature.
* No other system can work with Google AMP or PWA.
* No other system helps your S.E.O. Rankings.

ScanOfTheDay™ requires no contracts. You take what you need and change as often as you like.
You can also quit at anytime.

We use a combination of three different systems making it work with or without WI-Fi. QR Codes aren't as utilized as they could be because they simply don't work in many areas. Ours are different, they WORK. 

You have probably already realized that everyone in or near your location is constantly on their Smart Phone. They are engaging someone, just Not You.
that could very well be the single most important link you have seen regarding your business.